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Chittagong University shuttle becomes skitto’s canvas!

  • Update Time : Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Staff Reporter Dhaka : skitto, the end-to-end digital product of Grameenphone, has recently found its brand-new canvas to pour out the colorful vibrance and vigor of youth. Nine carriages long and moving on wheels – the canvas is none other than Chattogram University’s shuttle train, popularly known as the “CU shuttle.”

Through artworks made on each carriage that depict the history, legends, and beauty of Chattogram city, skitto has turned the CU shuttle into a masterpiece on the go. skitto considers students and youths as its lifeline, and the creation of this mammoth artwork blends the palettes of both these in a festive and joyful manner. What is more interesting is that the paintwork was executed to perfection by the CU students themselves!

Thousands of CU students travel to and from their university every day via the shuttle. Students were found elated at this rendition. . Arup Barua, Guest Lecturer from Department of Dramatics, CU, said, “The train now looks newer and livelier than ever before. Its compartments carry some artistic messages to students, which is marvelous, in my opinion. Especially for the freshers, this train has made campus life much more memorable and triggered an exceptional enthusiasm.”

Kazi Emran Mahboob, Head of skitto, pointed to the uniqueness of the idea, saying, “The skitto bot has its own signature presence in the digital world, which has now been merged with the real, regular world, through the means of transmedia storytelling. We also take pride in becoming the first-ever brand to have projected our identity on the body of a locomotive that is very close to the youth – our very target audience. This indeed has been an extraordinary effort by our visionary team.”

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