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A land could not be mortgaged more than once – Land Minister

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Staff Reporter Dhaka : As a result of setting up mortgage data bank, it will not be possible to mortgage one land more than once. The days of deceiving over mortgaged land are over.

Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury said this while inaugurating the Mortgage Data Bank and Case Management System as the chief guest at Bhumi Bhaban Auditorium in Tejgaon of the capital, today, on Monday afternoon.

Land Reform Board Chairman Soleman Khan and Bangladesh Bank Deputy Governor Kazi Saidur Rahman were present as special guests in the opening ceremony. Land Secretary Md Mustafizur Rahman PAA presided over the program.

Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury also said that under the leadership of the Prime Minister, we are working to increase transparency in the Land Ministry. The citizens are getting benefits now. Once, a piece of land was mortgaged several times. Many transactions in the banking system are based on mortgages. Mortgage Data Bank will therefore play a positive role in the banking and financial system.

We are digitalizing land services in such a way that future generations do not have to suffer for land issues – Saifuzzaman Chowdhury added.

The land secretary said that anyone can verify the mortgaged property information. 6000 user accounts including 72 banks and financial institutions have been created with. Data entry of 22 thousand 200 mortgaged properties has been done. He also said that about 21 thousand cases have already been uploaded in the case management system. All data entry will be done in time and it is an ongoing process.

The Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank said that there is now a revolutionary change is taking place in the land management. He also said that as a result of the mortgage data bank, important decisions of the bank can be taken quickly.…

Senior officials of the Ministry of Land and its subordinate offices/agencies and managing directors of commercial banks and financial institutions of Bangladesh and their representatives were present on the occasion, among others.

Mortgage Data Bank:

Objective: The Ministry of Land has taken the initiative to establish a ‘Mortgage Data Bank’ to prevent fraud related to multiple mortgages, purchase and sale or mutation of mortgaged land.

Salient Feature: Banks, land offices, sub-registry offices, land offices, or citizens will get the opportunity to verify information related to land mortgages; re-mortgaging, buying and selling, or mutating the mortgaged land will not be possible; fraud on mortgaged land will cease; mutation will be easier based on the Money Loan Court’s verdict; the system will be used as current and future mortgage land online database of banks or financial institutions.

Available Service: Citizens and any institution will have the opportunity to verify mortgage-related information. In addition, land and sub-registrar offices, banks and financial institutions, and Bangladesh Bank will be able to verify mortgage related information as well as prepare reports.

Web Address: The mortgage data bank system could be directly accessed through mortgage.land.gov.bd or the National Land Service Platform land.gov.bd on the internet. Besides, land service recipients can also avail of the service by calling 16122.

Case Management System:

Objective: The Ministry of Land has taken the initiative to set up a ‘Case Management System’ for easy, transparent, and fair management and online monitoring of civil litigation related to land.

Salient Feature: All Land Offices and Courts will come on the same platform, the entire process of preparation and submission of Statement of Facts will be done online, the number of cases will decrease as there is an opportunity to document and dispose of online and it will be possible to protect land property through proper monitoring of land revenue and civil cases online.

Available Service: The land service recipient can monitor the case status and hearing date, the attorney can see the hearing date and order. Land Officer can see case information and progress.

Web Address: The Case Management System could be directly accessed through case.gov.bd or the National Land Service Platform land.gov.bd on the internet. Besides, land service recipients can also avail of the service by calling 16122.

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