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February 24, 2024, 9:56 pm

Nokia Increasing their Global Network Efficiency for A Better Future

  • Update Time : Friday, January 6, 2023

Staff Reporter, Dhaka : Nokia, the leading company in technology and mobile services, is making big investments in their network infrastructure business with the aim to provide limitless connectivity to internet users all across the world.

At the core of their IP service routing platforms is the new FP5 system, which is a new generation of network processors that will neutralize security threats while ensuring that increasing demands for internet capacity are met without any compromise in the efficiency and performance of routers.

Nokia Networks will perform optimally even in tough situations such as high-volume peak times, insecure IT infrastructures, network congestion and so on. One of their projects for better connectivity in the future involves setting up a global network of subsea telecommunications through several countries. The subsea networks will create the future of digital economy, otherwise known as the powering industry 4.0, by securing businesses through a multitude of connections made across small 5G cells.

To help operators increase the efficiency and resilience of their networks, Nokia is investing in hardware as well as R&D solutions. The company started by making chipsets that provide 5G network services, moving along the way to improve their operating network infrastructures systems even more.

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