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Customers can now reset PIN through bKash app

  • Update Time : Friday, January 13, 2023

Staff Reporter, Dhaka : Till now, customers could reset their PIN by dialing USSD code *247# in case their bKash account got inaccessible or locked due to forgetting PIN or inserting wrong PIN several times. But now, this process can be completely done from bKash app. Recently the PIN Reset service has been added to bKash app.

Country’s largest MFS provider, bKash has brought this service with secured technology to ensure maximum safety of the customers’ bKash account as well as to empower them more. Mentionable that, Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the most important requirement for completing any bKash transaction. Security of bKash account depends on keeping the PIN number confidential. For bKash users, the PIN is set by the customers and only the user knows his/her PIN. Once the PIN is set, it is automatically secured and no one can get the PIN from the system. In case of forgetting PIN, there is no chance for the customer or anybody else to know the previous PIN. So, customers can easily reset the PIN in a few simple steps, effortlessly without being panicked.

To reset PIN, customer needs to tap on ‘Forgot PIN?’ from the app’s log in screen and proceed with ‘Reset PIN’ option. The verification code will be added automatically. Then user needs to tap on the confirm button and complete the face scanning process as per the mentioned instructions. Next, customer needs to enter the temporary PIN number sent by bKash and tap on the confirm button. In last step, customer is required to enter a new 5-digit pin number, which should not be consecutive, repeating or any of last 3 recent PINs.

Currently, iOS users can reset the PIN by dialing *247#. Soon they will also get the facility to reset PIN from bKash app.

PIN Reset via USSD channel is also very easy. Customer needs to choose ‘Reset PIN’ option after dialing *247# to start the process. In next step, the identity card number should be typed with which the account was opened. Then, four digits of birth year should be provided. After that, the customer has to give any of the information of last 10 transactions within last 90 days. If there is not any, customer should select ‘No Transaction’ option and proceed. If all information is correct, the customer will receive a five-digit temporary PIN.

Then, the customer needs to dial *247# again and select ‘Change PIN’ from ‘My bKash’ option. In the next step, the ‘Temporary PIN’ received through SMS should be given in place of ‘Old PIN’. The customer will then be able to successfully reset the PIN by entering new 5-digit PIN and re-entering it once again.

By clicking on the link – https://www.bkash.com/en/help/reset-pin, customers can find out how to reset their PIN step by step in details.

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