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Cure and care for your winter clothes!

  • Update Time : Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Staff Reporter, Dhaka : For most of us, the care-labels inside our wearables generally come as nothing more than a source of itch and discomfort. The tiny fonts threaded with ambiguous icons never really made much sense to any of us, and so we love to be done with them with a slice of scissors, mostly right after bringing the clothes home, forgetting the fact that the labels actually contain valuable information and direction on how to properly wash and maintain the fabric for longevity. Especially, when it comes to warm winter clothes made of unique fabrics and other exclusive garment components, obtaining typical means of washing can sometimes result in totally irreparable consequences.

Winter is finally beginning to spread its smoggy veil all across the country, it is quite common in every household to feel the need to bring the warmest of clothing items and dry them out in the sun before putting on them. But if we followed the right directions for washing winter clothes made of special components, we could opt for a thorough cleaning of our favorite shawls and scarves, and wear them more confidently.

Besides lack of knowledge on how to take care of woolen fabrics, the coldness of regular tap water can also be bothersome for many to engage in dipping and rinsing of clothes that are relatively heavier. But considering the dampness generated inside winter clothes due to humidity, which can also attract insects and germs, it is recommended that we wash these wearables at least for once before wearing. Washing clothes in regular volumes during other seasons may as well seem easy, but as even the volume also increases with us having to put up 3 layers of clothes in total – washing can turn out to be quite a hassle for busy city-dwellers! Fortunately for those willing to care for their clothes equally as they care for their health – now there are washing machines in the market with dedicated features that offer an added touch of delicacy in the otherwise rough-n-tough action of getting rid of the dust and germs.

For instance, Samsung’s top loader washing machine offers a perfect blend of cure and care for your favorite winter wearables. Besides banking on its Digital Inverter Technology for sustainable uses (consuming up to 40 percent less energy!), the washing machine comes with ‘Wobble Technology’ that prevents clothes from getting tangled and damaged. Its advanced pulsators produce a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that saves clothes from twists and knots, ensuring a gentle cleansing. On top of that, there is also the ‘Hygiene Steam’ facility, which enables washing at 60 degree Celsius. This helps to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, and also removes stubborn and oily stains for a perfect wash.

Besides these essential features, Samsung washing machine also comes with Magic Dispenser that can create a powerful water vortex for a cleaner output, Deep Softener that can optimize the rinsing algorithm reducing wastage, Smart Check for easy troubleshooting and many more modern features. And not to forget – the dynamic edge this sleek, dark gadget could add to your household might also be a plus one for you. There is also a range of Samsung Front Load washing machines available in the market to provide the most advanced washing performance.

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