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Campus Safeguarding Awareness Sessions held at BRAC University’s Savar Residential Campus

  • Update Time : Friday, February 17, 2023

Staff, Reporter, Dhaka : Three sessions on “Campus Safeguarding Framework” were held at BRAC University’s Savar residential campus recently. The sessions were organized by BRAC University Proctor’s Office in collaboration with the Savar Residential Campus authority, to raise awareness on campus safeguarding among students and staff. Over 1,600 students, faculty, and staff members attended the sessions.

The awareness sessions were conducted by Advocate Farhan Haq, Deputy Proctor and Safeguarding Lead, BRAC University and the team at the Office of the Proctor including Junior Proctors and Officers- Md. Khalid Amirul Islam, Sabrina Jahan, Tamanna Kaiser, Halima Khatun and also University Proctor Dr. Rubana Ahmed, in collaboration with Mir Sadik Faisal, Campus Superintendent and Md. Morshedul Haque, Assistant Campus Superintendent, Savar Residential Campus along with other staff members of the University.

Throughout the sessions, the organizers attempted to strengthen commitments to raising awareness and promoting a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the BRAC University community. The sessions focused on introducing the concept of safeguarding and campus safeguarding, as well as discussing various academic and non-academic misconducts, their consequences, the responsible use of social media and information regarding the channels for reporting any misconducts. Discussions included BRAC University’s disciplinary policies and procedures, highlighting safeguarding as everyone’s responsibility.

First of its kind in Bangladesh, the BRAC University Proctor’s Office is currently building an internal “Campus Safeguarding Framework” with a dedicated Helpline, called BRACU Helpline, including other capacities to promote a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for students and staff. The Office of the Proctor focuses on building and implementing robust campus Safeguarding mechanisms with appropriate safeguarding protocols for students and staff to voice their concerns and acquire the required resources to ensure their safety. The designated team members of the Proctor’s Office are working in collaboration with other departments to ensure the overall safety and security of the BRAC University community.

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